Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Never Enough of Too Good a Thing

CoffeetiniLast night I posted a recipe for the Coffee-tini, a coffee based martini. I suggested that the ingredients be doubled to create two drinks at the same time so you could share the Coffee-tini experience with a friend ...

... while the idea of doubling the recipe was a HUGE hit with my readers, there seems to be a bit of confusion among them about the concept of "sharing" ...

... we'll talk more at another time about sharing, especially sharing the good life, but for now, I think it best that I post a revised formula for the mixing of the Coffee-tini using mearsurements suitable for the Gathered masses ...

The GatherSized Coffeetini
  • For starters, forget the espresso! You'll burn out your poor little machine making enough shots for this recipe, just brew up a whole pot of extra thick Joe.
  • While the coffee is brewing gather together all other ingredients, glassware, and bar accessories. You will need one bottle of vodka (regular or flavoured), another bottle of coffee liqueur, 5 pound bag of ice, a handful of chocolate candies or giant Hershey Bar, bamboo barbeque skewer, rocks glass or Pyrex mearsuring cup, two (2) cocktail shakers (unless you have one of the 1 gallon commercial sized ones) and finally ... a Rubba-dub-dub sized Martini glass to fit everything in!
  • Fill both cocktail shakers 2/3 full of ice, then fill oversized martini glass with remaining ice.
  • Pour one rocks glass worth (or mearsuring cup) of vodka into one of the cocktail shakers.
  • Pour same amount of coffee liqueur into the other shaker.
  • If there is any room left in the shakers, add coffee to each shaker until almost full.
  • Grasp one of the cocktail shakers in each hand and violently shake them up and down, then shake them over your head, and finally give them a twirl across your open palms while hopping around the room. (Note: This would be a very opportune time to start a conga line if your party guests have not done so already.)
  • Dump ice from the Gathersized martini glass and immediately strain contents of both cocktail shakers into the glass.
  • Since we aren't firing up the espresso machine for this drink, there won't be any frothed milk, but you can top the Gather-Sized Coffeetini with canned whipped cream for ease. Plus it's always fun to suck some of the nitrous oxide of the top.
  • Stab chocolate olives candies onto the bamboo skewer for garnish. (if you are having difficulties getting the candy on the bamboo skewer, toss the skewer and just throw in the chocolates, at this juncture if you just can't wait to start slurping down the coffeetini it's your choice whether you even bother to unwrap the chocolate olives.)

Remember, don't share your Gatherized Coffeetini with anyone, it would just defeat the whole purpose of all of these revisions and contorted gyrations!

Please note: The really big book of Shakespeare in the accompanying photogragh is only for visual effect and so I can post this to the Coffee & Books photos. Do not try to read Shakespeare, or anyone else for that matter, while attempting to scull a Gatherized Coffeetini! You're gonna need both hands free to tip that glass, and besides, you'd probably get a hernia trying to pick up a book that big.

GatherSized Coffeetini

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