Monday, May 18, 2009

The Best of My Coffee & Books Photos

The Best of My Coffee & Books Photos

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CoffeeBookPhotoWhat can I say?
This image just had to be done!
The definitive CoffeeBookPhoto

GatherSized CoffeetiniFrom "Never Enough of Too Good a Thing" - the Gather-Sized Coffeetini - beyond Gather-sizing super-sizing many of the items I took advantage of the low angle late afternoon sun to capture some colouful orbs in the flare of the lens ... something you just might see yourself if you actually make the Gather-sized Coffeetini and drink it!
the RunwayComing in for a landing at Gingirl's Cafe. Be it midnight or daybreak, you can't beat a cuppa joe at an art deco cafe!
From the original Coffee-tini Recipe, this image was created by first making a grayscale copy and then adding back the selected colour objects that had been edited to punch-up the intensity of their hues to highlight the coffee and books.
My sentimental favourite.
Nothing like a lazy Saturday morning enjoying another unseasonally warm Indian Summer day with a friend out on the patio with an urn of coffee while smoking one of Habana's finest hand-rolleds.

My favourite from the Fiesta Ware series. The steel-topped table at Gingirl's Cafe turned out to be a wonderful backdrop to work with. The brushed steel provided an unexpected variety of reflected light. The rising-sun-like glow in this image enhances the uranium oxide glaze of the cup and saucer and adds to the feeling of morning, a time many enjoy their coffee.
Another al fresco scene and one that many wanted to ditch work to attend. Coffee from a French Press, a biscuit and book, all served up in the park.
!Sh!t Happens!
- a COF-tastro-FEE -
Another of those images just begging to be done. The Comedy of Errors photo is real-life tradgety for many coffeeholics. No worse way to start the day than spilling coffee on the book you are reading!
Dog Reading. Yes, besides playing cards dogs love to read! Dogs love coffee too, but their masters rarely share and with no opposable thumbs it's almost impossible to get the coffee filters separated to make a pot of their own. I know y'all loved the one with the cat book, but I like deep-in-thought hound dog look in this pic from the Dog Reads series the best.
1st Place award winng photo in
2008 CoffeeBookPhoto contest.
Bean Reading is my personal favourite, and that of many other folks as well, of all my Coffee & Books photos. It's almost surreal, a bit funny, and the specter of the empty coffee carafe makes you wonder if the beans will ever finish reading the book and get on with business and turn into a fresh pot of coffee.

Thank you for enjoying my series of Coffee & Book photos!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

If I Were A Book

Another "getting-to-know-you" theme from that crazy lady Miz Frantastic - If you were a book, what would your title be?

You know how this sort of thing works: If you're reading this, consider yourself TAGGED. Post your own book following Frantastic's formula: If you were a book, what would your title be and what would be the titles of each chapter?

Be sure to stop over at Miz Frantastic's and read her post!

Rocky Mountain High -or- Tripping With MrBill

Section One -- The Early Years

Chapter 1 - Breach Birth ... Life has been Sideways Ever Since
Chapter 2 - Clothes - Who Needs 'em!
Chapter 3 - Friends ... They always want to play with your favourite truck
Chapter 4 - School Days (Why are all the other kids slow learners?)
Chapter 5 - The "Green Bench" (Why you don't ask "Why the other kids are slow")
Chatper 6 - Driving School (No more chauffeuring your Grandpa in his Caddy, You're only 8!)

Section Two -- Tweens and Teens (My Parents Barely Escaped the Mental Ward)

Chapter 7 - Cigars, Poker & Cocktails - more Time Spent with my Grandparents
Chapter 8 - Voice, Hair in Strange Places & Other Changes
Chapter 9 - Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts ... forget it! I want to be a Girl Scout!
Chapter 10 - Sex Ed -or- Having a Best Friend with an Older Sister ...
Chapter 11 - Moon Shot & the Secret Service Can't Catch Me!
Chapter 12 - The Vice Principle is an Asshole, so I Decked Him!
Chapter 13 - Jazz Band and My New Girlfriend Mary Jane
Chapter 14 - Graduation (Whaddaya mean we're suppose wear clothes under the gown?)

Section Three -- Old Enough to Vote a.k.a Old Enough to Drink

Chapter 15 - College - I Thought Lectures & Labs were Optional
Chapter 16 - Co-Ed Dorms ... the Best Part of Higher Education
Chapter 17 - First Job, First Paycheck, First Reality Check
Chapter 18 - "Honey, We Should Get Married" ... Does this Mean You're Pregnant?!?!?
Chapter 19 - What's Yours Is Mine & What's Mine Is Mine ... the Lawyers Get the Rest

Section Four -- Old Enough to Know Better - Young Enough to Do It All Again

Chapter 20 - Single Again ... and Loving It!
Chapter 21 - Changing Lanes Changing Careers - Advent of the Internet Super Highway
Chapter 22 - Hooking Up Online - Adventures & Misadventures in Internet Dating
Chapter 23 - Dot.BOMB! - 2001 and More Career Changes
Chapter 24 - Sick Twisted & Wrong - Meeting GinGirl and ScotchBoy
Chapter 25 - ¿Where the Heck are You? - the Journey Begins
Chapter 26 - Wandering and Pondering - the Journey Continues
Chapter 27 - Lost In Space - the Journey Reaches New Heights
Chapter 28 - Life's Been Good To Me (The Joe Walsh Years)

Section Five - The End

Chapter 29 - Valhalla, 77 Virgins, and the Happy Hunting Grounds
Chapter 30 - My Obit (you'll have to wait for this chapter!)
Chapter 31 - There is no 31st Chapter 'cuz you can't trust anyone after 30!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Do You BLOG???

The term "Blog" is attributed to the late 90's use of the word "weblog" to describe online personal diaries and journals. The early Blogs were also derided by tech elitists as "Blather Logs". Either way the term was later shortened to just "blog" and have become ubiquitous across the net.

Before 2000, personal communication on the internet took different forms depending on the person's internet skills. Email was of course the most prominent. The earliest community forums were dialup text-based bulletin boards, allowing the posting of statements, but comments were in unlinked following statements. With HTML, came the first webpages, where those skilled enough to create a website began keeping online personal journals. This was soon followed by sites hosting communities with a new type of bulletin boards that threaded the conversations and displayed the comments sequentially below the original post, and similarly guestbooks began showing up on personal webpages where visitors could leave a short note to the owner. Guestbooks became threaded and soon many individuals were using them for the beginning of blogging.

As mentioned earlier, user-skills determined the forms that people could utilize on the net. During the early days of the web HTML was hand written, the large communities would come later and bring templates that allowed people to more easily post a homepage, and in 1999 three major site releases targeted the "bloggers" with easy to use applets for writing online. Over the next eight years CMS (Content Management Systems) would improve and expand and bring forth the countless options of online commnuties like MySpace, Mylot, and Gather, and also the explosion in blogging sites.

I began writing webpages shortly after HTML guidelines were released in 1993 and launched my first website in 1994. The site centered on photography and specifically the new digital photography. I also had a personal sub-domain in which I wrote short stories, poetry, keep travel journals, and displayed both my own digital images and those of friends.

Because of other projects, my personal website has laid fallow the past couple years. Currently I'm working on some concepts for a new style "BLOG".

You can find all my current blogs here.

So, back to the title question - Do You BLOG???

If so, what is your blog about?
Where do you post your blog?
On your own website or a blogsite like Blogger or Wordpress?

If you don't blog, what are your thoughts about blogging?
Do you regularly read any blogs?