Monday, May 11, 2009

Do You BLOG???

The term "Blog" is attributed to the late 90's use of the word "weblog" to describe online personal diaries and journals. The early Blogs were also derided by tech elitists as "Blather Logs". Either way the term was later shortened to just "blog" and have become ubiquitous across the net.

Before 2000, personal communication on the internet took different forms depending on the person's internet skills. Email was of course the most prominent. The earliest community forums were dialup text-based bulletin boards, allowing the posting of statements, but comments were in unlinked following statements. With HTML, came the first webpages, where those skilled enough to create a website began keeping online personal journals. This was soon followed by sites hosting communities with a new type of bulletin boards that threaded the conversations and displayed the comments sequentially below the original post, and similarly guestbooks began showing up on personal webpages where visitors could leave a short note to the owner. Guestbooks became threaded and soon many individuals were using them for the beginning of blogging.

As mentioned earlier, user-skills determined the forms that people could utilize on the net. During the early days of the web HTML was hand written, the large communities would come later and bring templates that allowed people to more easily post a homepage, and in 1999 three major site releases targeted the "bloggers" with easy to use applets for writing online. Over the next eight years CMS (Content Management Systems) would improve and expand and bring forth the countless options of online commnuties like MySpace, Mylot, and Gather, and also the explosion in blogging sites.

I began writing webpages shortly after HTML guidelines were released in 1993 and launched my first website in 1994. The site centered on photography and specifically the new digital photography. I also had a personal sub-domain in which I wrote short stories, poetry, keep travel journals, and displayed both my own digital images and those of friends.

Because of other projects, my personal website has laid fallow the past couple years. Currently I'm working on some concepts for a new style "BLOG".

You can find all my current blogs here.

So, back to the title question - Do You BLOG???

If so, what is your blog about?
Where do you post your blog?
On your own website or a blogsite like Blogger or Wordpress?

If you don't blog, what are your thoughts about blogging?
Do you regularly read any blogs?

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