Monday, July 28, 2008

Get Text Messages on Your Keychain! - The new way to be totally connected! - even when you are away from your computer! You can't be online all time, but you can always be connected to MySpace, FaceBook, Friendster, and hundreds of other social and information sites with the new!!! Fits on your keychain! Slighter larger than two US quarters! Try the with a FREE 15-Day Trial! is a brand new social network coupled with a wireless text messaging device. The comes with free life time service and only a small one time purchase price.

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  • Device
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  • Back-lit display.
  • Multiple ringtones, vibrate and silent modes.
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  • 1024 characters per message.
  • Alarm, reminder, calendar and clock functions.
  • Phonebook directory function.
  • High resolution LCD display.
  • Size: 1.4" x 2.1"
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Everyone Loves A Good Train Wreck!

By nature, humans are curious creatures. When in groups, our innate curiosity turns us into a herd of "Rubber-neckers". And nothing arouses our sense of curiosity like a disaster or tragedy - fires, traffic accidents, natural disasters, oh and train wrecks!

The term "train wreck" is often used these days to describe a disastrous and complete melt-down that occurs in a department meeting or in the boardroom. Survivors of corporate train wrecks tend to find the results humorous and even take delight in the victims' fate. It's definitely best to be a casual onlooker rather than be the engineer, conductor, or a passenger on these run-away corporate trains! "Train Wreck" is also currently being bandied about to describe run-away celebrities and sports figures who appear hell-bent on self-destruction and annihilation of their careers. (See - Paris, Lindsey, Britney, et al.)

Yes, everyone loves a good train wreck, but
ohhhh ... how about a "great" train wreck?

The "Great Train Wreck" happened 90 years ago today (July 9th 1918) in Nashville, Tennessee. Shortly after 7:00 in the morning the incoming No.1 train from Memphis and the outbound No.4 from Nashville train, both trains of the Nashville Chattanooga & St. Louis Railroad, collided at over 60mph on the outskirts of Nashville killing 101 people on board and injuring 171 others.

Ninety years later the "Great Train Wreck" retains the title of most deadly train wreck in the United States. Around the world there have been many great train disasters over the years, many with more deaths. The two World Wars produced several horrendous train accidents and WWI holds the title for the World's Worst Train Wreck with up to 800 killed in the ensuing fiery wreck. On December 12th 1917 an over-laden French troop train returning through the Alps from Torino Italy lost control descending a steep grade above Modane, France. The run-away troop train, carrying over 1000 soldiers returning home for leave, its brakes overheated and glowing white hot caused fires to break out under the passenger coaches. The train descended the steep mountain with its brakes locked and burning for about 4 miles reaching speeds of 75 mph before the first coach jumped the tracks with the rest of the train cars piling on top. The entire train of wooden coaches burst into flames burning so intensely that only 425 bodies of the 800 or so dead could be identified.

Cut The Grass

We scatter it. Feed it. Water it. Curse it. Some even lay it. Dogs use it. Kids use it. Adults mostly just look at it. The preferred colour is green, though it comes in blue and sometimes red.

It’s the pride of suburbia - personal landscaping - the yard, the lawn, the grass! some of you thought I'd been “smoking the grass” when I said it comes in the colours "blue" and "red" besides contraire! Kentucky is quite famous for it's "Bluegrass" and out here in the arid west "Red Fescue" is a preferred grass to add to the seed mixture because of its great drought resistance.

As a young boy I had an intimate relationship with a lot of grass...I started mowing my family's lawn when I was eight. The next year I was able to snag a couple of the neighbor's lawns and started my own lawn-service. The next summer and on for the next 4 to 5 years I was mowing 6-10 lawns a week. Our yard was about two acres, middle of the pack for our neighborhood which ran from 1 to 5 acres, and the extra lawns earned this kid a more than tidy sum over the summer. I started with a big cumbersome Sears self-propelled gas mower. On the lower half of the hillside the homes were in a swath of Aspen groves which had to be mowed through and around the trees. The big old Sears self-propelled mower did pull itself across the open part of yards, but was heavy and difficult to maneuver in the trees, so I got a light-weight Toro gas mower, no self-propel, and with a narrower cutting path, I think it weighed half that of old Sears. Even though I had to do all the pushing the new Toro turned out to be much faster for cutting all the lawns.

When I bought my own home, I had a much smaller yard, only about a quarter acre of grass. I chose for my mower one of the new modern "reel" type manual push mowers. Very light weight, blades are semi-self-sharpening, no gas needed, and very quiet...just a swoosh of the spinning blades as they neatly "cut" the grass. The "reel" type of mower is the only one that actually "cuts" the grass, the typical mower whips, shreds, and bruises your grass causing it brown on the tips. These modern reel mowers are very easy to push, just walk with arms out-stretched and it glides over the grass, sort of like pushing a shopping cart down the aisle. Without the noise and fumes of the gas mower, I found mowing the grass with the reel mower to be a time of almost silent contemplation or meditation, and didn’t bother the neighbors if I mowed at dawn to beat the heat.

So how do you take care of your patch of grass?

Monday, July 7, 2008

New Way to Stay Connected - - The new way to be totally connected! - even when you are away from your computer! You can't be online all time, but you can always be connected to MySpace, FaceBook, Friendster, and hundreds of other social and information sites with the new!!! Fits on your keychain! Slighter larger than two US quarters! Try the with a FREE 15-Day Trial!

Alerts and Reminders: Aside from getting instant text messages from your friends and notifications from My, your can be customized to send you the following alerts and reminders. To keep you constantly updated wherever you are is what the is all about.

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Get headlines from your home town, scores and updates for your teams, stock quotes, daily horoscopes and traffic for your commute - just about anything that is happening right now. You pick it, so it's the stuff you want to know about and nothing else.

Control with TextCube Alerts and RemindersPure Control

We make it easy to manage all your alerts in one convenient place - right here. No spam, no hidden agendas, 100% pure control. Once you activate your, choose which news categories you would like to follow, your favorite stocks, your daily horoscope and much more! You also control how often and when you receive them.

Have fun with TextCube Alerts and RemindersHave Fun

If you're off-line, away from your computer or busy with other things, you can still receive messages about things that are important to you. Don't be tied down to the computer or the internet. Your alerts are with you wherever you are.

Alerts and Reminders:
  • MySpace
  • FaceBook
  • Friendster
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  • Entertainment
  • Stocks
  • Horoscopes
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  • Plus much more

More Info Sites:
  • Fitness Top Stories
  • Computer Security News
  • PC Industry News
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  • Virus Warnings
  • Wireless Sector News
  • LA Area News
  • New York News
  • Silicon Valley News

News Categories:
  • Top Stories
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  • Houston News
  • Bay Area News
  • Detroit News
  • Politics and Elections
  • Science News
  • International News
  • Public Health News

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Time For A New Boston Tea Party!

Being the 4th of July, I suggest we stage a new "Boston Tea Party"!

It has been 235 years since the original Boston Tea Party was thrown in protest of "taxation without representation" during King George's reign. For a 150 years Mother England had mostly mismanaged the colonies and the then current king George failed to listen to the tax complaints. So on July 4th of 1776 the Second Continental Congress passed and signed the colonist's "Declaration of Independence". King George and Mother England didn't take kindly to the petulance of the young country, but in trying to continue to exert control, ol' King George got his butt royally kicked!

Yet, 235 years after the Boston Tea Party much of the populous still feels overly taxed, even though we are supposedly now "represented". A lot of the voters choose to vent their wrath by blaming Prez George for their tax situation; however, many of these same folks were squawking about taxes under the previous regime of Prez Bubba-Billy. The problem is that most folks don't seem to understand who's to blame for their taxes. Forget the Prez, the president is just a figurehead sort of like the Queen of England (she does do a better job of waving!). Put the tax blame where it belongs - it's your Representatives and Senators that are screwing you!!!

Truthfully, it doesn't matter whether you vote for McCain or Obama in November if you keep voting for the same jerk Representatives and Senators that have been bending your sorry a$$ over their pork-barrels for decades! It's time to wake up America! Vote in some new members to the Congress and the Senate, some people who will be responsive to the needs of their constituents and truly "represent" us!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tahoe In Flames - A Retrospective and Thank You to the Fire Fighters

Tahoe In Flames
A Quiet Retrospective and Thank You to the Fire Fighters