Monday, August 8, 2011

Quail Crazy School!

Quail fledglings getting ready to make the big jump!
Quail Crazy School! Got a couple families of quail on the fence and roof. The adults have flown onto the back fence and are now clucking/chirping at the fledgelings to jump off the roof to the fence and then hop along the fence and go over into the schoolyard out back ...
Quail don't fly real well!
... lots of flapping and squawking and mostly just plummeting towards the ground (especially the youngsters!). Ooops! One made the fence ... two over-shot the fence and are stuck in the neighbor's yard ... and OUCH! three took off together and smacked into the fence! They're now hiding under the juniper while their flock leader sits on the fence above them squawking, clucking and scolding them.
... maybe they'll make it to school ... maybe they won't!