Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Musings - The Dinner Revolution

This is the tale of the 2008 Thanksgiving Dinner Revolution.
For those seeking background on the Damn Chickens haiku,
this may help explain why there were so many damn chickens.
Words to the wise - if you don't want to be found, get out of town!

Thanksgiving Dinner Revolution

... it all started out simple enough

a small and quiet supper
for her, for you, and for me
not so different from any other Thursday
but then it began, an evolution
taking on a life of its own
it exploded into a revolution

... and the damn chicken was now three!

... twas so simple in the beginning, before

piles of green beans and other things
clamored for space on the counter top
as sacks of potatoes sat on the floor
pots and pans lined up on the stove
the rebellion cheered, they roared for more

... and the damn chicken was now three.

... quiet of the day was shattered

a house to be cleaned
table leaves to be found
pies were baked and salads prepared
relish trays and appetizers to be made
we were all scurrying around
extra chairs would need to be scrounged

... and the damn chicken was now three.

... valiantly we stayed our stations, as

knives were flying, onions were dying
bread crumbs soared high in a bowl
the soufflé exploded from the middle rack
showering eggs and sugar upon the burner
strafing candied oranges for flak

... and the damn chicken was now three.

... resolved to our new dinner order

plates and forks were marched around
the table filled with clinking glasses
wine was summoned from the cellar deep
as gravy flowed into the boats
the heaping platters took center place

... and the damn chicken was now three.

... it all began so innocently

it was never meant to be a feast
just dinner, for her, for you, for me
no turkey, not this year, just a chicken
and potatoes, some beans and dinner rolls
but word snuck out
they all began to shout
first two
then four
get another chicken
run back to the store
but hungry cries came
from a dozen more
what else could we do?
trapped unable to flee

the one damn chicken ... it had to become three!

-- 2008 @ MrBill

Friday, November 28, 2008

Damn Chickens

Damn Chickens

damn chickens

chickens chickens, damn
chickens where ever I look
pot full damn chickens

2008 © MrBill

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dancing With The Stars Finalé

Are you surprised I'm writing this?

I am!

You should be too!!

Two months ago I would never have thought I would have spent almost 24 hours total watching has-been, ne'er-do-well, and never-were celebrities learn to Waltz, Foxtrot and Cha-Cha-Chá! The folks I am visiting in Colorado are die-hard fans, and got me hooked on DWTS. So here I am, coming out of the closet in my tux and spats! DWTS won't replace my favourite show - Amazing Race - but since it does not overlap the summer series Burn Notice it is welcome to share my #2 slot!

It was apparent from week one that Brooke Burke was hands down (or feet up!) the class of this seasons stars. I don't think anyone can quibble with the final results, Brooke and Derek were beautiful and graceful on the floor all season. From a guy's point-of-view, what wasn't to like about Brooke? The shapely former swimsuit model (and mother of FOUR!) still has the goods and could knock most of the current models off the cover of any magazine! Grace, poise, and good looks make for a great foundation, but she took the show seriously, trusting Derek to teach to her and was able to follow his lead and take big risks on the floor.

For pure entertainment value, you had to love watching the big ol' teddy bear Warren Sap doing his darnedest to get up on his toes to satisfy Len. As is typical with the sport stars, Warren was doggedly competitive, but was so cheerful and engaging, and incredibly open to learning from Kim. I doubt a 300 pound lineman will ever win the DWTS trophy, but as Warren was fond of saying, "the fat man can dance!" The almost weekly comment from the judges was that Warren brought an energy to the dances and the show that engaged the viewers. It was apparent that his fan base helped overcome his technical short-comings, most notably in the finals by boosting him to 2nd place over Lance. Something that has been missing in the TV line-ups for many years is the "variety show", though DWTS is sort of close in a reality kind of way. I hope that some ABC executive has taken note of Warren's charming demeanor and his ability to connect with an audience and draw them in and hold their attention. Few sports stars transition well into TV personalities, especially when trying to go beyond being a sports commentator, but Warren seems to be a complete package and in my mind he would be a perfect host or MC for a 60's or 70's style variety show showcasing music, dance, comedy and short sketches along the lines of Flip Wilson, Rowan & Martin, and the Smothers Brothers.

Boy-Band Lance was a slow starter and it took Lacey half the season to get him whipped into shape, both physically and mentally. Then it happened! There seemed to be an emotional connection for the "lancey" team (though Lance outted himself two years ago), monstrously demonstrated by what can only be described as a late season "lover's quarrel", and their routines really began to dazzle. Not well liked by the judges when performed, I loved Lance and Lacey's smoldering barefoot Rumba during the season. I thought their performances Monday and last night in the finals were definitely #2, but Lance just couldn't match Warren's fan base for viewer votes. Lance and Lacey will continue to dance together in the upcoming DWTS Tour, and it should be interesting to see what they can do without having to cater to the demands of the judges.

Long gone, yet returning for last night's finalé (and just out of the hospital from pneumonia), was the queen of this season - Cloris Leachman. At 82 Cloris was the oldest ever Star, but while her age was a running gag, she more than gave it a go every week she was on the floor. Ingeniously paired with Corky Ballas, father to DWTS Mark Ballas and stand-in parent and mentor to Derek and Julianne Hough, plus coach to more than half of the other DWTS professional dancers, Cloris not only tried to learn to dance, but true to her character and long career, she played the clown! Corky was brilliant in choreographing dances for Cloris that exploited her multi-award winning comedic talents, and together they appeared to be having more fun than anyone. The comedic relief could only last so long, but it was great that DWTS kept Cloris and Corky on until it was necessary to make room for only the dance couples that were truly competitive.

So, am I now a die-hard Dancing With the Stars convert? Well ... maybe! Next spring will tell when the new season of DWTS begins. If the next group of stars are as engaging and entertaining as they were this fall, I will most likely be swaying with the Samba and Waltzing to my easychair every Monday and Tuesday night to watch DWTS!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thankgiving Haiku

friends and family

come together in season

feasting as they share

2008 © MrBill