Friday, July 4, 2008

Time For A New Boston Tea Party!

Being the 4th of July, I suggest we stage a new "Boston Tea Party"!

It has been 235 years since the original Boston Tea Party was thrown in protest of "taxation without representation" during King George's reign. For a 150 years Mother England had mostly mismanaged the colonies and the then current king George failed to listen to the tax complaints. So on July 4th of 1776 the Second Continental Congress passed and signed the colonist's "Declaration of Independence". King George and Mother England didn't take kindly to the petulance of the young country, but in trying to continue to exert control, ol' King George got his butt royally kicked!

Yet, 235 years after the Boston Tea Party much of the populous still feels overly taxed, even though we are supposedly now "represented". A lot of the voters choose to vent their wrath by blaming Prez George for their tax situation; however, many of these same folks were squawking about taxes under the previous regime of Prez Bubba-Billy. The problem is that most folks don't seem to understand who's to blame for their taxes. Forget the Prez, the president is just a figurehead sort of like the Queen of England (she does do a better job of waving!). Put the tax blame where it belongs - it's your Representatives and Senators that are screwing you!!!

Truthfully, it doesn't matter whether you vote for McCain or Obama in November if you keep voting for the same jerk Representatives and Senators that have been bending your sorry a$$ over their pork-barrels for decades! It's time to wake up America! Vote in some new members to the Congress and the Senate, some people who will be responsive to the needs of their constituents and truly "represent" us!!!

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