Friday, December 5, 2008

Get more SEARCH Bang! without adding a bunch of toolbars to your browser.

Some people limit their search abilities because they don't want to add a bunch of extra "toolbars" to their internet browser. More and more websites are promoting their own flavour of search toolbars. This is especially true of shopping and news sites. Most are just crap! and rob you of viewing space in your browser window. These toolbars also tend to rob you of other resources as they constantly ping their home site and often they scroll a continuous line of advertisements, weather reports, and other useless information.

I agree! I don't want all that extra crap hogging valuable space on my browser!

BUT! you don't have to add a bunch of "toolbars" to get access to more search engines.

Both Internet Explorer and Firefox allow the user to have a collection of search engines inside the main browser search line. I have 6 to 10 different search engines in both browsers. You just click on the search icon and scroll down to "manage" or "add" search engines in either browser and then it will take you to the webpage where you can add more search options to your browser. Below are some of the search options you can add to your main browser search without adding extra toolbars.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
[click here to view Explorer Search add-ons]

Web Search Engines
Topic Search Engines

Mozilla Firefox
[click here to view Firefox Search add-ons]

Personally I use the following engines on my Firefox search bar:
The above search engines are the ones I use the most often. I have some more search engines bookmarked in special categories within my Favorites to make them easy find when I need them.

There are over 350 search engines and search enhancement modules currently available to Firefox users. Many of them can also be downloaded for use on Explorer. I am not going to list all the ones for Firefox. At the website you will find the search engines listed these fifteen categories to pick from:
  1. All Search Engines
  3. Business
  4. Dictionaries & Encyclopedias
  5. General
  6. Kids
  7. Multiple Search
  8. Music
  9. News & Blogs
  10. Photos & Images
  11. Shopping & E-Commerce
  12. Social & People
  13. Sports
  14. Travel
  15. Video
So check out the many search options available for your choice of browser and add the ones you think will simplify and enhance your online search life!

Check out what is available for your favourite browser:
Mozilla Firefox [click here to view Firefox Search add-ons]
Microsoft Internet Explorer [click here to view Explorer Search add-ons]

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