Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Baby Got New Shoes

Baby Got New Shoes
~ or ~
Mother Nature, Make Up Your Mind!

I'm just not sure what has gotten into ol' Mother Nature lately ... here in Tahoe she has been teasing us the past couple weeks with fleeting mirages of Spring. I say teasing because she tempts us with a couple or three days of blue skies and shorts and t-shirts weather, only to sneak in under the cover of darkness and goose us with another dusting of snow followed by a day or two of gloomy grey skies, fresh snow accumulations of more than a foot deep, and chilling temperatures.

Dear old Mum de Naturale launched one of her infamous sneak attacks last night, catching me quite my guard. Yesterday had been one of those lovely Tahoe days that you dreamed about all winter while shoveling snow. A day to venture out and wander 'round, listen to the birds sing, and enjoy the snowbanks melting and the appearance of patches of green on the ground. The kind of day that caused yours truly to forget all about stoking the fire ... consequently I woke up to a quite chilly, nay, frigidly arctic like house this morning! This sent me scrambling for my lamb fleece slippers to warm my frozen tootsies.

Serendipity had smiled favourably upon me a week ago. One of the local merchants had declared an early end to the Christmas shopping season and they had severely marked down most of their winter-wares to make room for flip-flops and beach towels to sell to folks bound for warmer holiday climates. I grabbed up not only a warm and cuddly pair of New Zealand Lamb Fleece slippers but also a pair of sueded lambskin and fleece slip-on boots for but a trifling pittance 'bout twelve bucks for the lot. I had worn out and recently tossed my muck-about slip-on winter loafers, so finding this most affordable treasure of lambskin boots was quite fortuitous indeed. The slippers were a bonus as I usually opt for a pair of heavy wool socks to kick around the loft on winter days, and nights too.

Well, my tootsies are toasty, the fire has been stoked, and all is warm and well in the woods of Tahoe again. I think I may slip out of the slippers and into my fleece booties and go brush the new fallen snow off the truck and head into town. Cheers! to all and I hope you are warm and your toosties toasty wherever you may be! (-;

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