Sunday, December 28, 2008

I Jumped From The Train ...and... Landed In Gather Town

I Jumped From The Train
... and ...
Landed In Gather Town

Two years ago today, I jumped from the train and landed in Gather Town. Yes, it's quite true! I came to Gather by train ... Amtrak actually!!! Though the stop at GatherTown was not announced by the train's conductor ...

I had just returned home after a month long journey through Latin America and had an overwhelming pile of email sitting in my inbox. I opened one from Amtrak and thought I was going to be registering for updates and special travel offers from Amtrak ... instead the train link took me down the line and dropped me off in GatherTown. Wasn't sure what the Gather site was all about at first ... so I felt my way around ...

I eventually got the swing of things ... I signed-up with Gather that first evening, even posted an icon pic and filled out a little trivia in my profile; but, it would be another week before I published my first article, actually three short poems - On Tapas de World, the Looking Glass, and A Hard Scrabble Life (all later republished with images). A week later I would publish my first travel adventure on Gather - Me Tarzan - and two days later discover Gather's call-out for submissions to fill newly created positions as correspondents.

It's been two years since that day Amtrak dropped me and my backpack on the outskirts of GatherTown. Since then, there have been over a thousand articles, a couple hundred videos and around 12,000 photos left along the tracks. I wrote a series of travel columns - ¿Where the Heck are You? - as one of Gather's original Essential Channels Correspondents, valiantly battled the GatherGlitchGremlins™, entertain the Trolls, host some of the most active member groups, have made lots of new cyber friends, and have a good time goofing around writing satire, poetry, and the occasional serious article when I'm not off on a journey.

So, as I commence a third year in Gather Town, I wish to say to all my old Gather pals (of course you're still young at heart), to new friends that have yet to be met, and to my trolls that hang on every word and view all my pics, I bid you:

Ni Sa Bula, Kia Ora, Selamat Detang, Yasas, Buon Giorno, Gruss Gott, Bonjour, Gdaymate, Hola, Gruezi, Guten Tag, Kiaorana, Dobraye Utra, Ahoj, Dzien Dobry, Merry Meet, Ola, Wan An, Sawatdii, Sama, Merhba

... or as I'm fond of saying on Gather - Greetings!

LTMoonSpin.gif Spinning Wheel Gotta Go Round image by mrbill01

As the Grateful Dead so aptly sang it in Truckin' -
"Oh, what a looong strange trip it's been!

Cheers and wishing you all the best in the new year! MrBill (-;[>

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