Sunday, December 21, 2008

Most Delicious Almond Toffee Coffee Cake

Been in a mood to cook & bake the past couple weeks.
... probably the season has something to do with that.
As did the Mad Dame of Cooking and that recipe she
posted last week for Almond Toffee Coffee Cake!

It just sounded too good not to try it out, and being
here in Denver, I am separated from my recipe files
and baking formulas by a thousand miles, so I took
Donna's recipe for a test drive.

I followed her recipe fairly closely, which of itself is a
bit of a christmas miracle, making only three itty bitty

  • I needed more than one 8-9" coffee cake so
    the recipe got doubled at the starting line.
  • Doubling meant that I needed ¾ of a bag
    each of sliced almonds and toffee pieces
    so ... I just used the whole bag of each.
  • And since I have been cooking and baking for
    a group that have a serious sweet-tooth, I
    whipped up a light sugary glaze with just a
    little Apricot Liqueur that I drizzled on top.

See, I stayed mostly in the lane, only swerving for
that Apricot Glaze at the finish! No one was going
to object to adding a little extra almonds and toffee.

Not only did everyone love it, I have several requests
to bake some more for Christmas Morning Brunch!

Thanks Madame for a great recipe!!! (-;[>

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