Thursday, May 15, 2008

Valley of the Silicon Dolls

Bored with the 11:00 News, I started flipping through the myriad channels of cable TV. Lost in the seemingly endless regurgitations of Slaw & Order (CI, SUV, B-F-D!) there was a sudden flash of peroxide and silicon (I guess in this day it may have been pouches of saline...) that filled the screen! Gosh I am sooooo glad I was flipping channels and that FSN (whatever the freakin' channel that is) was so gracious to present the 2007 Ms H©©TER’s beauty pageant[sic].

There was more than enough silicon available to chalk the entire bathroom! (or if they were saline, the level of the sea certainly must have dropped) That much peroxide in one place just has to be a hazmat violation. And when are pageant contestants going to learn how to smile without coating their capped teeth in Vaseline™???

Oh well…so what happened to natural beauty?

"a beautiful woman is like a mountain road -
she has soft shoulders and dangerous curves"
... and at every turn she takes your breath away!

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