Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hungry Enough to Eat a Horse

There are many things that are not part
of our everyday cuisine in America that
are eaten in other cultures, and vice versa.
We don't eat dogs or cats either. All three
are considered "pets", not food,in this country.

I have eaten horse meat when I was in Switzerland.
It is ... ok ... nothing to write home about other
than the novelty. I would much prefer elk, venison,
American bison, antelope, or even bear to horse. I
really like elk, bison, and antelope!

I have eaten a lot things on my journeys that most
North Americans and Europeans don't typically eat.
Have you eaten - alligator or crocodile? How about
water buffalo? or snake, wallabie, kangaroo, rabbit,

You're laughing...but you've got nothing on your
bread! Let's get down and dirty...would you put
some ants on that bread? how 'bout some grasshoppers
or crickets?? Maybe a tarantula??? How about some
lemon grubs or some raw fish? No, I'm not kidding.
I have eaten all things I have mentioned above.

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