Monday, January 5, 2009

Follow Up: DVD Dispenser

I returned my videos today to the DVD Dispenser (the fantastic new machine I found, and told you about, yesterday at the grocery store). It was about the same as returns at other rental venues, just slip the movie in the return slot. However, the slot on the DVD Dispenser is a lot smaller ... just large enough for the disk case. It's not like the mail slots at most places, but then the DVD Dispenser is only about the size of a pop machine. So you have to slip it in with a modicum of care and make sure the barcode is face up. I didn't want to tempt fate and slip it in upside down to find out if the DVD Dispenser would spit it back out. Since no one's paying me to does this, it's just personal research, I did not want to risk it swallowing the disk wrong-side-up and not crediting me for returning the movie!

DVD PlayI was slightly disappointed upon arriving back home and finding no email message for the return of the movies, but oh well. I did rent two more movies and tried using the same 2-4-1 promo code as my first rental. It flashed a message stating that was an unknown/invalid code. I canceled the order and started over, selecting the same two movies and used the same promo code, but this time switched to a different bank card...BINGO! So apparently I will be able to get 1st time 2-4-1 rentals until I have run through all my different debit/credit cards. Nice bonus, but I only have so many cards and will eventually have to pay the $1.00/movie. Which around here is still a really good deal for movie rentals. I think selection will always be limited to newer releases because of the size of the machine, but that too is ok. It's convenient to pickup a movie while grocery shopping, and this is a innovative way to provide at least new releases, in a slick easy to use process. ALL THUMBS UP!

Here's a link to the vendor's website if you want more information or to see the machine, and there is a "location" tab to find out if there is a DVD Dispenser in your neighborhood - DVD Play

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birdeeb said...

LOL! So THAT'S the key!! ;o) We have tried that too haha! Didn't think of using other cards though...