Sunday, January 4, 2009

DVD Dispenser

I went grocery shopping this afternoon at our local Safeway store. Vegies, milk, cheese, and a nice tuna filet for dinner. Just the usual kind of stuff. On the way out I noticed a new "machine" next to the customer service counter.

Along with the ATM, lotto tickets, movie tickets (this one is new for this store but have seen them around), and the machine that turns your mason jar full of pennies into folding money, was this new machine - DVD Dispenser!

Ok, I'm sure lots of you use Netflix or Blockbuster's similar dvd-by-mail delivery systems, but some of us (well me anyway) have to really "go get the mail" ... go get it at the post office, because the mailman don't ring twice in our neighborhood! Which means the Netflix or Blockbuster in-the-mail thing just doesn't work out all that well.

Back in Colorado most of the big chain supermarkets have very large video rental departments, plus there was a Blockbuster or similar video rental joint on every corner that isn't occupied by Starbucks. But here in Tahoe it's a different story. The supermarkets don't rent videos, they do have a few for sale but they are older flicks and cost about double what Wally World charges. There is a Blockbuster in town and two other local video shops, but the selection is limited and it runs about the standard $5.00 a movie to rent, and if you are a couple days late ... well you would have been better off to just have bought the movie!

But now I can get at least new releases right at Safeway! No waiting for a clerk to find a disk for you, just touch screen your selections, swipe your credit card, and a moment later your selections slide out the slot below the screen and you're on your way. And the price is right! The DVD Dispenser rents new release movies for just $1.00+tax, plus I got a promo code that made it 2-4-1 so I rented two movies. The DVD Dispenser is kind of like a jukebox for movie rentals.

P.S. I got a new bag beans for the coffee grinder so maybe I won't get quite as wired tomorrow.

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birdeeb said...

We have something like that's called Redbox. It's only a $ for 1 night. We forget to take the movie back sometimes & so we end up paying $3 for it LOL. I like your blog! I saw the link on Gather ;o)